The Ultimate Healthy BBQ Menu with Pinterest

The Ultimate Healthy BBQ Menu with Pinterest

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious barbecue. It is the source of all true art and science. – Albert Einstein

I have recently discovered Pinterest (I know, I’m always last…) and of course I immediately became addicted.

A few days ago, while I was spending some –most- of my hours on the Internet pinning recipes, 101 lists, mantras and dream houses with amazing gardens I decided to see if this time could be used for something productive.

I had some friends coming over with their lovely twins for lunch on a very hot Sunday and it seemed the perfect occasion to use Pinterest as a menu planner!! So I created the My BBQ Menu board and I started to pin delicious recipes, made from scratch with wholefood ingredients. easy and fun. This is the result..



Zucchini mini muffins



Half serve of vegetables per portion, simple and tasty. The best bit: kids really love it! Seriously, they ate it all (and they made me so happy!!)



Mini chicken cheddar burgers




I served them with homemade guacamole (2 ripe avocados, 1 tomato, lime and parley made in Jamie Oliver stile: all smashed with my hands!) in a wholegrain small bread rolls. FYI prepare the guacamole just before you eat because it becomes brown quickly


Mini mint lamburgers




An evergreen in our bbq. I added breadcrumbs instead of bread and milk and it worked pretty well. Homemade Tzaziki: Greek yoghurt, grated cucumber, lemon, garlic and olive oil.


Prawn and chorizo skewers




Well, there is not much to say… the lemon and the bay leaves give to the dish an awesome flavour. We didn’t add any lemon juice or oil because and they were perfect as they came out of the bbq..


Mixed grilled vegetables





This dish is a classic in every Italian BBQ. You can/should prepare it the day before and keep it in the fridge: it tastes even better the day after!


Pearl couscous salad



I tried pearl couscous for the first time in a Middle Eastern restaurant in lovely Balmain. The restaurant was very good but the cous cous was so amazing that I had to have it again. This salad is fresh, easy, quick, healthy, yummy; what else can you ask?!



Rainbow fruit skewer



The secret is to choose fruit with different colours, like kiwi, blueberry orange, strawberry. Not only they look pretty but also it’s a good mix of all your important vitamins and antioxidant!


Mango cheesecake



Ok ok I confess this dish is not really healthy. In my excuse mangoes are in season now and they are delicious and cheap. And I added half of the sugar recommended. And this dessert is perfect for a hot summer day

 And you, what is your iconic BBQ recipe?? Do you think you can make it from scratch, dips and sauce included?


TIP: Pinterest planning is a great idea to help you plan your healthy weekly menu and save your favourite dishes.


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