A great chef and a wonderful woman who I was lucky enough to work with a few years ago in Italy, told me that cooking is an expression of love.Hence, you can’t prepare a good meal if you are angry or tense or in a bad mood, because the food will be enriched of negative energies. I couldn’t agree more.

I have to confess that I am not an amazing chef. I can cook, I love to cook and not only most of my meals are edible, but quite often are surprisingly delicious. But I don’t have the gift. The gift that some people have to naturally and effortlessly put on the plate something so flavoursome and well presented and unique that leaves everyone without words.

However, although not everybody can be a three hats chef, I deeply believe that, following simple tips and tricks, everyone could be an excellent cook.

This is what my recipes are for. They are designed for those with normal cooking skills, and often not enough time to spend cooking after a long day of work. But also for those special occasions when we want to impress our guess.

I like to prepare healthy, practical and easy to follow recipes, with a short list of ingredients (I get really annoyed when I have to buy thousand of items just to make one recipe, maybe only to use 1 tsp of each). They are usually designed for 4-6 people. We usually prepare them for the two of us and then we use the leftover for lunch or we freeze it.

The ingredients that I use are low in number but high in nutritional quality: wholefood, mostly unprocessed, nutritionally dense natural products. And lots and lots and lots of fresh -or frozen- vegetables, that are always part of my dishes.. yes sometimes even in the dessert!


I eat and cook everything. I am not vegetarian, although I consume red meat with moderation. I mainly use extra virgin olive oil (despite what you could have heard, is the best fat to cook with). While I don’t usually consume food with added sugar, I am not into the ‘sugar free’ ‘gluten free’ ‘all free’ mania.

Rather then focusing on what I don’t eat, I prefer to pay attention on the quality of what I DO eat!

If instead of sugar we consume a ultraprocessed high fat meal, well that’s not very healthy either… When we eat sugary packed breakfast cereal, sink them in low fat milk won’t help very much… Moreover, choosing natural real homemade food already eliminates most of the added sugar high trans fat products anyway!!

I’ve organised my recipes in three main categories.. have a go, try it and let me know what you think!!

If I can do it, and with good results, you can do it for sure!



Well, I am Italian right? How could I miss the opportunity to share with you some of my favourite nonna style recipes.. And the answer is no, I don’t usually make my own pasta or  gnocchi.. Beside, Italian food is not only pasta and pizza



One of my specialities is to pick a traditional recipe and modify it to make it healthier. Add some fibre, cut some sugar and fat, more colour, less creamy stuff… You can find more on healthy recipe makeover here.



Here is where I add everything not Italian or not traditional, mostly my creations based on what I have in the fridge and influenced by various food cultures. I love that in Sydney you can find five different cuisines in one single street! In this moment I am particularly addicted to Vietnamese, so fresh and healthy.

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